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3 Facts About Child Abuse Prevention

3 Facts About Child Abuse PreventionChild Abuse Prevention Fact #1

The Identification of Child Abuse is not an Exact Science

The effects and signs of child abuse are vast in nature, which may result in complications with regard not only to the identification of child abuse, but also Child Abuse Prevention. Although child abuse studies and research have experienced vast advancements with regard to the study of the causes, effects, signs, and preventative measures within the scope of child abuse, the lack of a uniform identification or determination of child abuse has resulted in compensatory measures with regard to Child Abuse Prevention:

Physical child abuse prevention is considered to be the most exact, due to the prominent nature of its signs and effects; these typically include a wide variety of bodily harm and injury

Emotional, Mental, Psychological Child Abuse Prevention is considered to be amongst the least exact, due to the common lack of physical evidence or signs

Child Abuse Prevention Fact #2

Many Victims of Child Abuse Mistakenly Blame Themselves for their Victimization

While there exists a multitude of resources, assistance, and support with regard to Child Abuse Prevention, many victims of child abuse blame themselves for their victimization; in lieu of the perpetrator of this criminal offense taking responsibility for this heinous act, children may internalize the event and wrongly assume any fault. As a result, this can contribute to difficulty within Child Abuse Prevention measures:

Victims of child abuse may receive threats from their abusers; these threats result from the fact that abuser does not want to be discovered and responsible for their crimes ā€“ in other cases, the abuser may make excuses for their actions

Child Abuse is not only dangerous, criminal, and violating in nature, but also the sole responsibility of the abuser; in order to expand upon child abuse prevention, the victims of child abuse should be made aware that neither explanations nor excuses allowing for the slightest permissibility of that nature of criminal behavior

Within efforts to engage in child abuse prevention, these measures may involve victims feel ashamed or responsible for the criminal behavior undertaken by the abuser; a message absolving victims of child abuse from responsibility, guilt, and causality with regard to this crime should be always be conveyed

Child Abuse Prevention Fact #3

Raised Awareness is a Powerful Method of Child Abuse Prevention

The proliferation of knowledge, facts, information, support, and assistance is not only contributory to the betterment of victims of child abuse, but also presents its self as a powerful Child Abuse Prevention tactic with regard to individuals unfamiliar with this crime. The spreading of this type of knowledge may contribute to individuals who have been the victims of child abuse to be made aware that they are in fact victims; similarly, perpetrators of child abuse may be inclined to end their abusive behavior:

Stories about personal experiences with regard to child abuse may serve as invaluable resources and information with regard to other individual victims who are experiencing child abuse; this type of child abuse prevention may be expressed within a variety of settings and venues ā€“ these lectures, workshops, focus groups, literature, and seminars