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An Exploration of the Causes of Child Abuse

An Exploration of the Causes of Child AbuseWhat are the Causes of Child Abuse?

The identification of specific events and circumstances perceived to act as catalysts and Causes of Child Abuse has been a goal of sociologists, psychiatrists, behavioral specialists, medical professionals, counselors, and law enforcement agents.

However, due to the expansive nature of child abuse – resulting from the wide variety of settings, abusers, details, nature, and victims of child abuse – a definitive classification of the Causes of Child Abuse has proven to be elusive within modernity; yet, behavioral sciences, law enforcement, and medical specialists have made vast advances with regard to development of proven and founded parameters with regard to an overarching identification of the Causes of Child Abuse.

Although the validity of the Causes of Child Abuse may never be infallible, the structural framework with regard to studies of child abuse has undergone – and continues to undergo – expansive leaps and bounds.

Overarching Causes of Child Abuse

The varying nature of child abuse will oftentimes coincide with characteristics innate within the individual abusers – however, certain abusers will prove to be anomalies with regard to the Causes of Child Abuse undertaken by them. Many professionals within an expanse of educational fields have convened with regard to the identification of similar qualities and catalysts to which many abusers conform:

A past history of household abuse, which may range from witnessing domestic violence to being the victim of abuse or violence has been considered as one of the primary contributing factors to the Causes of Child Abuse; the imprinting of violent and abusive tendencies on children within their respective developmental and impressionable stages is weighed heavily within this process of determination

The consumption and abuse of both alcohol or narcotics is considered to be contributory to the Causes of Child Abuse; individuals who are addicted or reliant on such substances are more prone to erratic changes of mood, altered emotional states, and blurred synthesis of action and information – in certain cases, these Causes of Child Abuse may be used as excuses by individuals committing the abuse

Psychological and Mental disorders are considered to be contributory Causes of Child Abuse; however, within the scope of such disorders and diseases exist an expansive list of potential conditions that may affect interpersonal interactions undertaken by individuals – disorders involving a heightened sense depression, anger, and rage may result in a higher likelihood of child abuse

A Message to Abused Children

Amongst the many potential and prospective Causes of Child Abuse, the victims are never considered to be in any way contributory, responsible, or at fault; although the perpetrators of child abuse may provide their victims with reasoning and explanation citing the respective involvement of the victim, a victim of child abuse is never at fault. Child abuse – in addition to the various Causes of Child Abuse – can result in mental, physical, emotional, and developmental damage requiring a host of measures of restitution. Individuals who consider themselves to be prone to child abuse – as abuser or victim – are encouraged seek immediate assistance by contacting the Department of Child Protective Services immediately at (800) 422-4453.