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I’m Abused, What Should I Do? READ THIS

I’m Abused, What Should I Do? READ THISGetting Help for Child Abuse

In the event that you are the victim of child abuse – or suspect that you may be the victim of child abuse – please be assured that a variety of options exist for you in order to protect yourself and your safety; it is important that if you are reading this, you understand that you are never to blame for child abuse – you are a victim of child abuse and did nothing to contribute to your current situation.

However, the fact that you have reached out and began to investigate your current situation is perhaps the most important and most difficult step in child abuse cases and the wide range of child abuse victims. You have arrived at this article because something inside of you – be it your inner-voice or your instincts – have raised concern that the abuse you are experiencing is wrong; and you are correct, child abuse is a very serious offense oftentimes punishable to the fullest extent of the law. There is help available for you.

Identifying Child Abuse

Child abuse can take place in a variety of settings, actions, and classifications; primarily, the most common types of child abuse are sexual child abuse, emotional or psychological child abuse, and physical child abuse – all of these types of child abuse retain different classifications. If you feel as though you have undergone mistreatment, neglect, harm, or violation by another individual – regardless of their relationship to you or their age – you are encouraged to reach out for support.

Reporting a Child Abuse Case

In many situations, victims of child abuse will experience a wide range of emotions with regard to their current situation; while certain individuals are quick to report child abuse suffered upon them, other victims of child abuse find it more difficult to report such offenses – this can take place for a variety of reasons:

What to do if you are Afraid to Report a Child Abuse Offense?

Sometimes, victims of child abuse receive threats from their abusers; these threats result from the fact that abuser does not want to be discovered and responsible for their crimes – in other cases, the abuser may make excuses for their actions. In either case, the actions of an individual who abuses a child are not only dangerous, criminal, and violating, but also the sole responsibility of the abuser; there are neither any excuses for child abuse, nor explanations allowing for the slightest permissibility of that nature of criminal behavior:

If you are the victim of child abuse and have received threats conditional on telling another individual about the abuse that you have suffered, you might be frightened; however, the seriousness of a child abuse offense typically result in swift recourse – you are encouraged to report the abuse to a law enforcement officer, religious leader, or school official

Upon reporting a child abuse offense, you may feel ashamed or responsible for the criminal behavior undertaken by the abuser; however, you are neither to blame for any abuse suffered, nor responsible for the actions of the abuser – you do deserve to be protected, safe, happy, and healthy

Individuals have been victims, made aware of, or witnessed child abuses are encouraged to contact their local authorities or law enforcement department in order to report the details of the offense. In the event that an individual wishes to do so in an anonymous fashion, they should contact the Department of Child Protective Services immediately at (800) 422-4453