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Important Facts About Abused Children

Important Facts About Abused ChildrenWhat are ‘Abused Children’?

Abused children are classified as children victims who have been subjected to the mistreatment, mishandling, and debasement as a result of attacks and assaults undertaken by child abuse offenders; abused children can include the following categorization with regard to their victimization and subjugation to the specific form of abuse. In addition, neglect is described as delinquency with regard to the well-being and welfare of a child, which can include abandonment, disregard, and rejection – neglect can take place in conjunction to a variety of child abuse offenses.

Types of Abused Children

Abused Children can be victimized by a wide variety of child abuse offense, which may be psychological, physical, emotional, and sexual in nature:

Abused Children victimized by emotional or psychological abuse may have been subjected to verbal or emotional debasement – while this type of child abuse can be the most difficult to observe, it is an extremely serious offense

Abused Children victimized by physical abuse may have been subjected to attacks or assaults facilitated by force, violence, or any other variety of physical means intended for bodily harm

Abused Children victimized by sexual abuse may have been subjected to the engagement in sexual activity; the involvement of children in any type of sexual activity is considered to be illegal, predatory, and exploitative in nature

The Classification of an Abused Child as a Minor

An abused child legally classified as a minor is defined as such, due to the fact that this child is an individual who is prohibited from engaging in specific activity that is presumed to require a heightened sense of maturity and growth in conjunction to a respective age. With regard to an age of consent, this level of maturity and experience is considered to serve as a classification measure inherent to the determination of legal-adulthood; a minor is prohibited from the following events and activities:

The consent to any or all nature of sexual activity, including intercourse, copulation, performance, or depiction

The ability to construct, endorse, or participate in the procedures latent within the formation of a legal contract

The purchase, consumption, or usage of controlled substances, which include tobacco, firearms, and alcohol

The ability to be considered as self-sufficient and autonomous; individuals considered to be the respective legal guardians of children are required to provide for a sufficient quality of life, participation in a system of education, shelter, water, and nourishment

Sexually Abused Children

The following facts are pertinent to sexually abused children:

Sexually Abused Children are considered to be more apt for participation in unsafe sexual practices; studies show that individuals sexually abused as children are 300% more likely to contract sexually transmitted diseases

Studies show that upwards of 25% of females will have been victimized by sexual abuse before they reach 18 years of age; upwards of 15% of males will have been victimized by sexual abuse before reaching 18 years of age

Assistance for Abused Children

In the event that you or someone you know has been the victim of child abuse, you are encouraged to contact the National Child Abuse Hotline through their toll-free telephone number: (800) 422-4453.